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Foxconn Explores Opening North America Plant

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The Asian manufacturing giant, most well known as the manufacturer of nearly every piece of consumer electronics you love, is considering opening a plant in North America to assemble displays that are larger than 60 inches. Currently most displays that are that size and larger are made in Asia and shipped to the US which come with their own significant shipping woes.

This follows largely from the news in 2012 of them investing heavily in Sharp and ties in well with the rumor of the Apple television that has been rumored for ages. Apple and Google have been working hard at moving production of their products back to the United States after the news of negative work conditions in Asia and increasing pressure from the American populace to bring back the pride of “Made in America” on products.

There’s no word if moving here to the US will drop the price of one of the large displays, but one thing is for certain, the 4K display market is just around the corner and Americans are always looking for something bigger. Considering the “average” display in homes is 50-inches, things are only going to get bigger and bigger.


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