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Fox Picks Up “Backstrom” for 13 Episodes

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Rainn Wilson owns a special place in the hearts of the staff of WPR, especially for me thanks to the work he did with Tim and Eric, but for no other reason than the movie Super. A tragically underrated gem in the overhyped heyday of the superhero movie. Well thankfully Mr. Wilson will be starring as Detective Everett Backstrom in a decisively darker role than we’ve seen him play.

The pilot that was originally slated for CBS wasn’t picked up by the network when it appeared last summer, eventually found its way into the hands of Fox and the desk of Hart Hanson (who created Bones on the same network) who has been given a 13 episode run to see if he can make the series a hit.

The story follows that of a self-destructive and grouchy detective as he works cases for the Portland Serious Crime Unit while trying to clean up his behavior. The show will begin production sometime early this year with no date set for when it will hit the airwaves but you can be guaranteed that I will be there for this fledgling show.

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