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Fox Orders Minority Report Pilot

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If you ever had your hopes up that there would be a television series based on the movie Minority Report from 2002, well I’m glad to say that there’s a good chance it’s on the way as Fox has ordered a pilot episode from Paramount Television and Steven Spielberg’s production company.

The show, if ever shown on TV will serve as a sequel to the 2002 Spielberg film which will be set 10 years from the events that happened in the flick. So essentially ten years post Precrime unit.

If you don’t know, or hadn’t see the film, the Precrime unit was a police agency that used “precogs” who suffered from visions of the future to help them catch murders and horrible crimes before they happened. The agency was shut down due to someone finding a way to trick the system.

The pilot, according to Deadline, will cost Fox a hefty penalty if it never makes it on the air, so I do have my fingers crossed it makes it to air…the world needs more Philip K. Dick stories made into decent media.

With the writing being done by the same person who did the script for Godzilla this year, Max Borenstein, I have some pretty high hopes that it’ll be somewhat awesome.

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