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Four Trailers for some New Fall TV Shows

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We’ve got you the trailers for two of the new Fox shows, JJ Abrams ‘Alcatraz’, and the Steven Spielberg dinosaur time traveling ‘Terra Nova’. Also, NBC’s Grimm and Awake! Obviously you won’t be seeing these until the fall, but at least so far it looks like the networks are actually trying for original shows this time around.

I’ll let the trailers do the talking, so make sure you leave a comment and let me know what you think! I’m gunning for Alcatraz (because a certain WPR hero is in it) and Grimm, because that one just seems damn weird. Terra Nova may have Spielberg, but from what I’m hearing, it’s quickly becoming one of the most expensive shows OF ALL TIME, that has been having some production problems. So yeah, THAT can’t be good. Awake, I was more asleep after watching it, nothing inspired me about that one.


I’m going to just link it now to demonstrate to Xopher that he should have looked at my post first before makings his.

Terra Nova




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