Four Episodes In: The Good Guys

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FOX has a new great show, and that’s The Good Guys. Starring Bradley Whitford (Josh on The West Wing) and Colin Hanks (The lead in Orange County) as a buddy cop duo. Whitford is the drunken slob of a partner, and Hanks is the budding by the book detective. It’s a very funny show which puts these two in outlandish moments every episode. It is also created by Matt Nix who you might know as the creator and executive producer of the USA show Burn Notice.

Where Burn Notice is a drama with comedic moments, The Good Guys is a comedy with sparse dramatic moments. Whitford and Hanks steal the show however the show also stars Jenny Wade, who was Nina (The Demon Girlfriend) on Reaper. I loved her in Reaper and now I love her in this, I think I might have a crush. This is a very fun show and it currently has 20 episodes slated so it’s going to do a summer run and then when it comes back in the fall it will be on Friday Nights with the other great Fox show Human Target. If you have time, you should pick this one up, it’s really funny.

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