Four Episodes In: Pretty Little Liars

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Now usually I won’t break my code of watching four episodes, but I can not stomach watching another episodes of the train wreck Pretty Little Liars. I got three episodes in and could watch the fourth episode but knowing how I’ve reacted to everything so far it will only make me hate everything more.

Every character action is over dramatized, and not just normal tv over dramatized. For instance one of the girls is kissing this guy and she starts to take him to have sex with her, he stops her and says he doesn’t want to have sex until he’s in a relationship. She gets so mad that he won’t have sex with her that she steals his car and runs it into a tree. Also for a bunch of high school girls, I don’t understand how you can look that petrified when your phone rings. Maybe once you’ve read that text and know it’s from a mystery person, but not when it could be just another text.

The basis of the show is that there is a group of teenagers and one of the girls disappears and then is found dead a year later, then that same girl starts harassing her friends from beyond the grave. It is made to seem like they have some sort of secret, but really the secret is they are all quite nice and timid and the girl they were friends with was a psychopath who made them scared for their lives every second of every day. Every character just has so much drama to them that there’s no room for breathing. Funny thing is, most would say, “No you just don’t like this kind of show.” To them I would reply I actually have watched all three seasons of Gossip Girl. At least that show has one or two likable characters. This show is just awful.

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