Four Episodes In: Gravity

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Gravity is a really interesting show which started airing on Starz. It’s about a group of suicide survivors and what they do together as they contemplate going on with life. It has a comic feel to it but also a dark feel considering everyone you care about all want to or have wanted to kill themselves.

The show is going to continue on for another 6 more episodes this season. Considering Starz has been doing some really good television lately, I would think about watching the show. It hasn’t quite reached the potential that it could but it still has such a quirkiness that it can make it quite far. Also Ving Rhames is in it, and he’s always a fun actor. I only recommend this show for those who after reading that think they might want to check it out, it’s a bit of a crazy show so some might not like it, but if you like the idea of suicide survivors in a television show then you might be morbid enough to like it.

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