Alan Smithee

Found Scrapped Thundercats Movie Footage

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Sorry for the crappy quality but you can’t really expect GREAT footage from something that isn’t supposed to exist.

For those of you that might be YouTube disabled, the video depicts a CG Lion-o practicing his swordfighting moves in some non-descript wasteland, when in a moment of cockyness, tosses his sword of omens into the air and then notices that he’s being stalked by none other than Mumm-Ra’s own Slithe.

I’m not going to be one of THOSE kinds of geeks that think that any remake is a bad thing. I have to admit, I liked this footage and am sad to know that they turned down finishing the movie thanks to all of the negativity surrounding it. Lion-o doesn’t always need to be the Paragon leader that we think him to be…having him a bit younger and inexperienced (much like on the new TV series) makes him easier to relate to.

Let’s face it, we like our heroes flawed.

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