Forza 4 – Game Review

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So, I realize I’m 26 and married but I still can’t help myself when a new video game debuts. I know, I know everything will change when I have kids but for right now I don’t have any little bugger eaters. Right now I still get to play video games way to much! My drug….. I mean game of choice is the new Forza 4. It’s amazing, incredible, a regular car guys wet dream. The tracks are crazy, the cars insane and the racing absurd.

That isn’t to say that Forza doesn’t have its issues. First off, I think that it takes entirely too long to load each race. I can’t stand that every time you beat a race and move onto the next location Mr. Announcer Man has to tell you where you are going, and there is no way to skip him. I think its ridiculous how if you even think about tuning the engine it makes them way too powerful and completely useless. I have basically stopped tuning the engines and worked on chassis set up and lightening all my cars. Yes, I’m not an idiot I realize that if you take a front wheeled drive car and put 450 horsepower it is going to handle like crap. But, I don’t think it’s too unrealistic to take a sport sedan and add 50 to 100 horsepower. Real life tuners do that sort of thing all the time. My last two issues with the game are extremely petty at best.

First off, I don’t care where you go in the world to race you’re not always going to hit on a perfect day with track temperatures no hotter than 80 and no cooler than 65. What happened to rain and clouds and snow?

Second off, and I swear my last issue is the cars are TOO reflective. Yes, again I realize when you are Autovista mode and the cars are under 10,000 lights bulbs one should be able to shave in the paint, but no, when I’m driving a Ferrari 458 in the mountains of Switzerland spectators shouldn’t be able to apply their makeup in my front wing.

Now, for the good parts! The game has almost every car brand imaginable. I know it doesn’t have Porsche but I don’t hold it against Forza 4, that’s more of a political issue then anything. Not only can you drive every car you want but you can tune them to fit exactly your style of driving. For me, I love a car that slides a little bit mid-corner not enough to slow the car down but just enough to look badass. I love that they have new and old cars. You can drive everything from your classic Corvettes and Mustangs to gorgeous Aston Martins and drop dead Ferraris. The tracks are insanely detailed the competition is perfectly competitive, it just all works.

The Autovista part of the game is particularly amazing, all the cars rendered are so detailed you can almost smell the Italian leather. It really is exquisitely detailed work. Probably the best part of the Forza Experience is that it can and will appeal to all types of gamers. You will inevitably have your car buffs and racing gamers drawn immediately to Forza. However, with all the options of game play Forza appeals to a much larger audience, there is finally a race game that non-lifers can sit down and race competitively. Take my wife for example, on other racing games in the past she couldn’t drive more than 100 yards before hitting something. Now with all the driver aides turned on she can actually complete a race and be in the top 5. Trust me, that is a huge accomplishment and one reason why Forza is going to be a massive holiday hit.

So, in conclusion I give this game 4.5 out of 5 Stars. When you are competing against the likes of Grand Tourismo 5, everything must be spot on and perfect. Mind you, every issue I listed above is things that bother me personally you the reader might not care about the same issues I do. Even with all that said it really is the complete packages, hands down the best race game I have ever played.

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