Formula 1: Brazilian Grand Prix

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Yesterday saw the the most exciting conclusion to an F1 championship in recent memory – yes it was actually exciting! A fair few people would say the the sport of F1 is boring and that nothing good actually ever happens over a race weekend.

However, this season has been full of amazing racing action as well as many often hilarious incidents – see this video of Felipe Massa driving off  down the pit lane, with the fuel hose still attached.

Better still, was seeing the Ferrari mechanics, sprint down the pit lane after the car.

Anyways, on to the main race. As some of you might have known, a British driver could win the championship if Felipe Massa won and Lewis finished no lower than 5th. After qualifying, Massa was lined up on pole, with Hamilton on the 2nd row, in 4th place, having done a more conservative run, just to be safe.

Shortly before the start of the race it started raining as it often does in those parts, which meant many of the teams had to switch to the wet tires, otherwise many cars would have spun off in an amusing fashion. This wasn’t to last as the track quickly dried and many switched back onto the dry tyres, with Massa establishing a commanding lead over the rest.

The race continued as normal, but around 10 laps or so to go, it started raining again. Pretty much everyone dove into the pits for the wet tires once again. It looked like Lewis Hamilton would keep 5th and win the title, until a mistake on the penultimate lap pushed him back into 6th.

Massa won the race, but 5th and 6th had yet to be decided. Then on the penultimate corner of the final race, Hamilton over-took 5th placed man and kept it together to win the championship.

Here comes the really comedy; as it seemed that Massa was going to take the championship, the Ferrari crew were dancing about celebrating. That was until they learned of the recent turnaround which changed the mood from absolute joy to sheer misery – especially the face of Massa’s dad. The following video shows the events of the last 2 laps.

That is the conclusion to possibly the best F1 season that I have ever seen.

I normally don’t to throw salt in the wounds of people, but seeing Massa facepalm after the race is too good an opportunity to miss up so I’ll leave you with the following pic:

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