Force Unleashed and Fable Launch Party

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Let me just say I am a sucker for a good launch party. Last night marked the release of two of my most anticipated games for this year- Fable III, and Force Unleashed II. So of course last night I went to my local Game Stop at 10 PM to count down the minutes to the midnight.

I love launch parties, because it allows “geeks” to gather together, to talk about their favorite games, and what they hope and expect from the new release. Last night was no exception. I chatted with one guy about expectations in game play for Fable III, and what we thought the Kinect would do for the game play. I argued with another about Star Wars continuity, and if Force Unleashed could really fit in the Star Wars time line. The anticipation filled the store. People saying they would blow off work or school tomorrow so they could stay up all night playing their new game.

My Game Stop played poker, and trivia games for Star Wars and Fable Prizes. A few members of the Alpine Garrison of the 501st, also attended to take pictures with fans. If you don’t attend launch parties you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to spread the geek love.

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