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While on my way to meet the girlfriend’s parents a few days ago, I spotted a Zavvi store. Knowing they had fucked up royally and needed to get rid of stock, I thought I would help out and with 30% off all CDs, how could I refuse? While there, I found this album and picked it up for a cool £7.

This won’t be a typical album review because I believe you can’t truly review an album until you have listened to it over a few days doing whatever it is you normally do. As a result, it became my alarm clock, my gaming music, my relaxing music, my programming music and other things. I have not listened to much else really. Hit the jump for my thoughts on this strange dance/rock band.

I first heard of Innerpartysystem when their video for Don’t Stop came on Kerrang while I was back home. At first I wondered what the hell a dance track was doing on Kerrang and then I started to get into it. The beats were great, the lines were built well and more importantly, it sounded damn good. So, I slung the name on my list of bands to check out and thought nothing more of it until I saw the CD.

Innerpartysystem have oodles of talent and it shows in their music. They are sort of like older Pendulum (drum and bass in a sort of rock style) only with dance as the basis for their songs. The songs are built well and it seems like not a note is wasted nor forgotten. It has heavy bass lines, a good drum backup and then leads that are catchy. I know I’ll be humming some of these songs for while.

The video above is the first track on the album and it is a great way to kick the album off with a bang. But rather than pick up on each track individually, I’ll tell you how it handles in everyday life. As an alarm clock, it’s great to wake up to and a great way to get your started on your day with some of the more uplifting tracks like Everyone is the Same or Heart of Fire.

For gaming it sat very well with my racing games and games where I wasn’t thinking too hard but it wasn’t so great with some first person shooters (but then not a lot of music is). It also produced some very fun tracks in Audiosurf and some very interesting ones like Don’t Stop which included a giant upward helix mid song as well as long, downward tunnels.

I highly recommend you give this album a go if you like that first track and the following video which is the song that caught my attention. If nothing else, check out some of their other tracks over at their myspace page

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