For Kanye West, Getting A 1-Up Meant Something Completely Different

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At 12 years old, most of us are just getting out of our toy phase and beginning our attempts to try and be “cool”. For some of us, puberty had started to kick in and we were wondering why the wee wee bank in our pants is going hard whenever we see those cootie carriers. Most of us were probably enjoying our fair share of video games too. From this article however it seems that puberty hit music star Kanye West a little early, or at least the sudden sexual thoughts did.

You see, while we were trying to stop these sudden appearence of “spots”, Kanye West was unleashing the horny little fuck inside him by making “video games” of all things. In an interview with some US magazine I assume, West reveals that he once made a “very sexual” game that was “like Mario Brothers, but the ghosts were, like, vaginas.” He also says that his character was a “giant penis” and that it had “little feet, and eyes“. Sounds like one of the worms then from the game of the same name, just as a sidescroller with enemies. Either way, it made me laugh and cheered my day up a bit. However I doubt that West is being completely truthful claiming that he was programming games at 12 years old.


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