Sarah Eitelberg

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma: A Manga You Can Really Bite Your Teeth Into

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No not literally! Take that out of your mouth.

Story: Yuto Tsukuda
Art: Shun Saeki
Published: Shueisha
English publisher: Viz Media

Soma Yukihira is a young boy with a dream, a dream to best his father in a cooking contest. Not a grand plan to some but when your is dad is a master chef it can be a challenging task non the less. Free spirited and driven to his goal,  Soma won’t let the fact that his father has closed down their family restaurant and moved out of the country stand in his way. Challenged by his dad to complete an elite culinary school, Soma charges head first into the cutthroat school pledging to graduate on top. Which of course makes him an enemy to the high class student body, especially Erina Nakiri. Dubbed The Divine Tongue, Erina is reputed to having the most refined palate known to man. Soma must please her tastes in order to achieve entrance into the prestigious school and get him one step closer to achieving his dream!

Food Wars is a pretty typical shōnen manga for the most part, but the cooking battles give it a different twist that is quite delish. The character’s are over the top and entertaining. Erina’s snotty elitism is a great balance to Soma’s simple mindedness. Soma is a fun character you can really root for in this sea of egotistical and arrogant rich kids. The best part of it all though is people’s reaction to food. A good meal can make someone weak in the knees or another very ah, extreme reaction. Overall a fun, humorous manga that makes you hungry for more, well that and take out.



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