Food Revolution

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hey at least fat kids are hard to kidnap

What has our country come to? This is absolutely devastating to me. I just watched this ‘sneak peak’ of the new show Food Revolution on ABC. The school system in Huntington serve pizza for breakfast. Why, you may ask. Because it meets the MyPyramid food requirements, and it’s cheap.

I don’t know about any of you, but when I see overweight children, I am saddened that their life span is shortened because of their parents food choices. Most kids don’t even know what fresh produce looks like.

In the sneak peak that showed tonight, Jamie Oliver went to a family’s home and cooked the meals they had in a typical week. Once everything was cooked he put it all in the center of the table, then asked the family ‘what is this missing?’ they replied with ‘color’

I hope this show does end up being a revolution. For the future’s sake.

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