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Flying Swords of Dragon Gate – Trailer

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Anybody want to go see that new Jet Li movie? I hear he kicks a guy.

I think the Chinese get a bad rap from all of the right-winged people of the United States. If they’ve proven nothing else than their excellence at making wire stunt kung-fu movies and movie trailers that make no goddamned sense.

About the biggest name you’ll find attached to this film is Jet Li, and is being directed by Tsui Hark. This film is essentially a 3D remake of the original Jet Li film New Dragon Gate Inn from 1992…which itself was a remake of Dragon Gate Inn from 1966. I think it looks pretty cool if not over the top ridiculous.

It should be arriving on US shores sometime after December is all said and done considering it won’t hit mainland China until next month. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

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