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Bandai Drops Flurry of New Gundam Info

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Because us mecha nerds can’t get enough Gundam, Bandai has thrown some new details about the newest entry in the long running franchise, titled Gundam AGE. Hit the jump to check out the new details and a video preview.

So far, we know that this new series will take place in yet another timeline, known as A.G. (Advanced Generation). The show will feature 3 main characters who pilot the titular Gundam AGE-1 over the course of 100 years. These pilots, who are family (grandfather, father, and son) fight in the One Hundred Year War, and pass the Gundam down to each subsequent child throughout the war. Not many other details are known about the plot.

I’m really digging the old-school art style that Gundam AGE has, even if it’s fairly obvious that this Gundam series is meant to be more of a kid’s show. The last several iterations of Gundam have been fairly, for lack of a better word, emo… so a more lighthearted series could be a welcome change. Also, video game company Level 5 (Dark Cloud, Professor Layton) is working on some of the animation and CGI for the show. Level 5 is also working on an RPG for the series, though there are almost no details on the game so far.

And for the haters out there that aren’t digging a more cartoony look and want more of Jesus F. Gundam, don’t be disheartened. Bandai is working on a completely different Gundam series as well, with details on this other entry dropping on June 25th.

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