Flashforward is Planning to go the Distance

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Flashforward is one of the few new television programs hitting our screens this month that I’m actually intrigued about, mostly because they are selling it as the new Lost.  Based on Robert J. Sawyers 1999 novel of the same name, Flashforward involves a global event where everybody on the planet blacks out and experiences their life six months in the future for two minutes and seventeen seconds, leaving people wondering if what they saw is really going to happen.

Series creator David S Goyer has recently said that he has fully mapped out an entire plan for anywhere between three and five series of Flashforward depending on how popular the show is.  Goyer went on to say that in a post Lost-era world producers can no longer just pitch pilot episodes, they have to have at least one series planned before they’ll even get a green light which I think is great news for TV fans because we’re getting better, well thought out programming.

Of course this all rests on the final season of Lost being the huge success that I’m hoping it’ll be.  We’ll soon be finding out if Abrams, Cuse and Lindelof have had a plan all along or have they really been making it up.  If their grand plan falls flat then it probably won’t be as important for shows to have a over arching, multi season plan.

Flashforward is released on the 24th September on ABC, any of you guys planning on checking it out?

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