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Flashback Getting a Remake on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

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Flashback_coverThe best selling French game of all time is coming back!

Back in 1992, a company by the name of Delphine Software International brought into this world a digital masterpiece unlike anything seen before. Flashback (or Flashback: The Quest for Identity as it was known in the United States) mixed a brilliant story (written by lead designer Paul Cuisset), beautiful backdrops, and rotoscoped animation and managed to fit it all on a handful of floppy discs (later cartridges, as the game received a Super Nintendo and Genesis release a mere year afterwards).

Then a sequel was made, called Fade to Black, which did just that to any future of the franchise.

Until now, that is, as Paul Cuisset (fresh off the critically panned Amy) has returned to the game that made him a gaming legend in the form of Flashback HD. This remake is said to respect the original spirit of the game, while at the same time adding the features that technology limitations prevented back in 1992.

Put down your pitchforks and watch the reveal trailer of Flashback HD.

Flashback HD is currently slated for an XBLA and PlayStation Network release later this year.

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