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Five Mothers in Anime

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Since Mother’s Day happened rather recently, I thought it’d be a nice idea to do an article about “Top 5 Mothers in Anime.” But as I started racking my brain over the various anime I’ve seen, I realized that I couldn’t truly make a Top 5 list, because anime mothers tend to not have a presence, or are not good mothers, or are just there to worry and fuss about their children for comic relief.

So I ended up changing my idea from a “Top 5 Mothers in Anime” list to a “5 Mothers in Anime” list. To me, these are some of the more memorable mothers that have appeared in the anime that I’ve seen. This list will feature five mothers, but they won’t be numbered like my regular lists, since this isn’t technically a Top 5. I truly can’t say that any of these women are truly better mothers than any of the others.

Kagome's mother from the Inuyasha anime

Kagome’s Mother (Inuyasha)

Kagome is a high school girl who is able to travel between Feudal Japan and modern day Japan through a well at her family’s shrine. Most mothers would fuss and worry about their child going back in time, being gone for long stretches of time, and potentially running into danger while in the past… but not Kagome’s mother. Sure, she was shocked and upset when Kagome first disappeared, but after learning about the situation and seeing her daughter returning regularly, she seemed to be okay with it. In fact, Kagome’s mother is shown helping her daughter packing for her trips to Feudal Japan and sending food along for Kagome to share with her friends in the past. Also, when Inuyasha makes the occasional appearance in modern day Japan, Kagome’s mother isn’t bothered by it at all.

What I appreciate about Kagome’s mother is the fact that she’s so supportive of her daughter and believes that Kagome has the strength and ability to deal with the dangers of Feudal Japan.

Bellemere from the One Piece anime

Bellemere (One Piece)

Bellemere was a troublemarker in her village who joined the Marines. While on duty in a warzone and on the verge of death, she found a young girl named Nojiko holding a baby named Nami. Bellemere adopted the two girls and took them back with her to her home village. She loved the girls just as much as if they had been her own flesh and blood. Bellemere made the ultimate sacrifice for the girls when a pirate named Arlong attacked the village and demanded that everyone pay money in order to keep their lives. Bellemere only had enough to pay for either herself or for her two daughters, and she chose them over her own life.

Bellemere is the only adoptive mother in this list, but she shows that you don’t have to be related by blood in order to care for others. It should also be noted that Bellemere’s name is made up of two French words that mean “pretty” and “mom.”

Bulma from the Dragon Ball Z anime

Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Bulma starts out in the Dragon Ball franchise as a boy-crazy girl that could also be rather stuck on herself. But during Dragon Ball Z, she gets to know Vegeta and the two of them become a couple and have a son named Trunks. After Trunks’ arrival, Bulma does seem to scale back her attitude to some degree; and when we see her interacting with Trunks, it’s obvious that she really does care about him. Sure, Bulma still has her moments, but they’re nowhere near as pronounced as they were before Trunks was born. And as we see later in Dragon Ball Z, an older Bulma has a wonderful scene with Trunks when he returns to the future in the time machine after he’s altered the past.

If Bulma has any faults, it’s that she has strange ideas for naming her kids. For a woman with the last name of Briefs, it’s almost kind of cruel that she named her kids Trunks and Bra. But outside of her name choices, she does seem to be a good mother.

Trisha Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist anime

Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

At first glance, Trisha may seem like an unusual choice since she’s technically dead throughout the run of the series. However, the audience gets to know her through flashbacks. It’s through those flashbacks that I made my decision to include her in this list.

First off, you have to give Trisha credit for marrying Hohenheim in the first place, especially when you realize that she would have a husband who would never age while she would grow old. She also shows she has mental and emotional strength when Hohenheim decides to leave home, because this meant she would have to raise Ed and Al on her own as a single mother. She handles the role of a single mother rather well, and she’s also willing to nurture her sons’ interest in alchemy.

When Trisha died, it affected Ed and Al considerably. Because of all the love she had given them up to that point, it compelled them to learn more about alchemy in order to try bring their mother back to life. If she hadn’t loved the boys as much as she had, they probably wouldn’t have tried to do something forbidden and ultimately begin the story of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Delia Ketchum from the Pokemom anime

Delia Ketchum (Pokemon)

Delia is probably the closest mother on this list to being the mother that worries and fusses over her child. She was probably at her worst in the first episode, when she checked to make sure he had clean underwear in his backpack. But as the series progresses, when Ash calls home, she spends more time being supportive of Ash while he’s on his Pokemon journey than on worrying that he’s eating well and taking care of himself. Delia moves beyond being the comedic fussy mother to one who encourages and supports her son. Even though Ash goes on his travels with his Pokemon, he knows he still has a home to come back to when he’s in the Kanto region. Delia is also very welcoming to any of Ash’s traveling companions that he brings back with him when he’s home for a visit.

But probably the coolest thing about Delia Ketchum is the fact that she herself has a Pokemon: a Mr. Mime that helps out around the house.

This list represents my personal opinion, and it is not meant to be a definitive list. Are there any mothers that you believe have been overlooked? Let us know in the comments.

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