Alan Smithee

Fist of the North Star – New Game Screens

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you see this...this is my serious face. I am capable of punching your head off your shoulders. I can even do some crazy kungfu shit until your face explodes. I AM KENSHIRO
Wow, just wow. I was completely unaware that they were making a Dynasty Warriors: Fist of the North Star until this morning. I’m all for any DW game that has anime crossovers. Let’s face it, any game that lets you play as Kenshiro kicking guys’ head off and includes all of the amazing sound effects from the 80s anime is complete win in my book.

Sorry fellas, I have no word about an official US release, but with the success of the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series…you’d think that they’d bring this game stateside. I learned my lesson with Berserk, don’t pass up on anime games, you might eventually be too late to the party.

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