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The First Trailer For DC’s Son Of Batman Is Here

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It’s a bad omen when you find out you have a son named Damien……
The first trailer for DC animation’s latest Batman tale hit the web today, and as usual we have your first look. Based on the Batman and Son comic story arc from Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, Son of Batman will introduce the animated world to Damian Wayne, who is(if the title didn’t give it away) indeed the son of Batman. Conceived in a night of passion between Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, Damien possesses all the raw potential of his father, and unfortunately the thirst for power and darkness given to him from his Ghul heritage. The movie looks to continue the look of the new 52 Batman established in last years Flashpoint Paradox, even though this story comes from a pre-52 comic. It also appears as if DC decided to add Deathstroke to the mix for a little extra dose of awesome. I don’t remember him being part of the original story, but adding a great villain like Deathstroke to the mix is usually never a bad thing. Honestly, I was never a big fan of Grant Morrison’s take on Batman in the first place, so a little addition here or there shouldn’t hurt. Either way, considering how good DC animation has consistently been, I’m fairly certain i’ll be adding this to my already large DC movie collection. Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think!!! Will DC continue their streak of fantastic animated features, or will Damien be the end of everything?

Son of Batman Blu-ray and DVD hits shelves this spring

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