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The First Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Has Launched

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Space, the final frontier…..
The first teaser trailer has rocketed its way onto the internet and you’re gonna be shocked at how much it reveals about Christopher Nolan’s first movie since The Dark Knight Rises. Ok, maybe shocked is a little extreme…and miss-leading, considering this first trailer reveals almost nothing about the movie other than it’s space exploration theme. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Nolan is keeping Interstellar’s secrets close to the vest with still a year left till its release date. But rest assured that if we hear anything new about this sure to be epic, and probably deeply thought provoking sci-fi drama, we will share it with you. Written by Nolan and his brother, Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and Anne Hathaway. Give the trailer a quick watch and tell us if you uncovered any secrets that we might’ve missed!!

Interstellar launches into theaters November 7th, 2014

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