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First Shot of Brian Michael Bendis’s Powers TV Pilot

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If you’ve never heard of this comic, but know what Gotham Central is all about, then you’re a DC fanboy who really needs to understand the series that inspired the much beloved DC series.

Powers, created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Oeming (in the year 2000 and still going strong) is a police drama set in a world filled with superheroes and supervillains, where the order of law still exists for all of the world’s citizens even if some of them can’t be killed or stopped. The comic has been goind strong since the character you see portrayed by Jason Patric is none other than the once-superpowered-hero-turned-normal-homicide-detective Christian “Diamond” Walker, the series protagonist. Joining him as his partner, Deena Pilgrim played by Lucy Punch, is a familiar face if you’ve seen either Dinner For Schmucks or Hot Fuzz and someone who I think will fill the role well.

The show’s pilot, which just finished filming, might be picked up by the FX network next year after it airs in June.

I personally think that you couldn’t ask for a better method for having a successful superhero show on television as for most of each episode, you’ll have the same budget constraints as an episode of CSI or Law & Order with only a few scattered special effects needed for the superhero/villain.

To say I’m excited for this series to come to television would be an understatement.

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