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First Round of Thundercats Toys Revealed

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For many of us writers here at WPR and geeks around the world, the start of a new TV series or movie reboot means one thing in particular…NEW TOYS! From what we’ve seen with reboots in Transformers, G.I. Joe, and others…the Thundercats toys promise to be nothing short of awesome.

We’ve grabbed the first series of the toys for you to browse and ogle over that will be based on the remake of Thundercats which is being produced by Warner Bros. I have to say that I’m more than likely to pick up most of the 4″ figures for my desk at work, and maybe a couple of the 8″ figurines for home…though having my own Sword of Omens is tempting as well.

The first couple of items and their prices are listed below:

  • Sword of Omens – $19.99
  • Cheetara 8″ Figure – $16.99
  • ThunderTank (with Snarf figure) – $29.99
  • Lion-o 4″ Figure – $7.99

I’m already a fan of the direction the new series is headed, but I can’t stand the hate from the old people (like me) about how it looks like crappy anime and that Snarf now looks like a Pokemon. Just stop it already old geeks, this series isn’t being made for you! It’s being made for the younglings of the world.

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