First PS3 Copies Of AC Revelations Contain AC1

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In what I guess is an attempt to tie it into the Altair side of the upcoming game, those who pick up the first copies of the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed Revelations will also get the first game free. Nothing special will be added like Trophy Support, this is just the game as it was originally released in 2007. It does strike me as odd that Ubisoft would choose to do this with the first copies of the game. After all, most of the people picking up the game at launch are going to be dedicated fans anyway so they’ll just end up with a game they already own. It would make more sense if Ubisoft appealing to newcomers to bundle the first two games together, given that it introduces the two main assassins featured in Revelations. Oh well, I guess first day buyers can trade in their old copies of the first game.

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