First Project Needlemouse Concept Art Revealed, Gives Us Raging Semi

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If you haven’t heard about Project Needlemouse, it’s an upcoming project from SEGA that will be the first new 2D Sonic game on consoles since Sonic & Knuckles. We all know about the Sonic cycle and how Sonic tends to disappoint these days but it’s hard not to get excited by this concept art that was revealed today on the official SEGA blog. LOOK AT IT! It’s an actual badnik! Not some mythical creature, not a generic robot designed in Dr.Robotnik’s image but an actual badnik. Not only that, but it was also revealed that Sonic will be the only character, playable or otherwise. That or at least there won’t be any new characters, which as good news as any. Let us not forgot about the Sonic cycle, but still, it at least makes you curious about this game. The only other thing we know is that more details will be coming soon but for now, this cocktease will have to suffice.

Source: SEGA

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