First Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Is Appropriately Bananas

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Realism has been entirely thrown out of the window for the next Call of Duty game. To be honest, I don’t mind Call Of Duty games that much, compared to the love or hate relationship most people have with the series. The multiplayer has always felt broken to me since the upgrade-a-mathon of Call Of Duty 4 onwards, but I always find myself having fun in the single player campaigns. They’re soulless and short but they’re enjoyable. I see the Call of Duty games as the gaming equivalent of summer blockbusters basically. I’ll play them once, but they’re not worth replaying. Whereas Modern Warfare 2 just had Russia invading the US, this game has gone even crazier and has a World War 3 that seems strangely Nuke absent. I guess Superman actually went and threw them into space. The game is out on 8th November this year. Derp A Derp America Fuck Yeah.

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