First Impressions: Comic Jumper

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Comic Jumper’s kind of snuck up on me. Considering how strongly recieved Splosion Man (Porkchops!) was, there seems to be less hype for their next game than you’d think. Or maybe I’m just being ignorant. Anyway, Twisted Pixel’s kindly given us a review code for Comic Jumper and while I haven’t had a lot of time to get fully into the game, here are some of thoughts so far from what I’ve played.

What I’ve liked:

  • The game’s humour is just as on par as Splosion Man’s, although in a different way. While Splosion Man used a lot of visual humour, the humour in Comic Jumper comes from the interactions between the various zany characters. Especially amusing are Captain Smiley and Star, the partner on his suit. There’s also a lot of fourth wall humour if that’s your thing.
  • There’s a nice variation in gameplay. At it’s core, Comic Jumper is a mix between a beat em up and shoot em up platformer. However, there are sections which break it up such as in the fantasy comic where at one point it turns to a quasi rail shooter.
  • The overall gameplay and controls are very tight. There hasn’t been a moment yet where events have been out of my control. Each death has been my own fault.

What I haven’t liked:

  • I’m not 100% sure but it seemed like there were repeating enemies when having to backtrack slightly while fighting other enemies. This can get frustrating sometimes when there a load of enemies all up in your grill, for lack of a better word.
  • On the contrary, the game has been a little too easy at this point, since there’s unlimited lives like in Splosion Man. While it worked for that game as a puzzle platformer that got very difficult at points, it seems like a bit of a cop out in Comic Jumper as there’s no risk element. However, it is early days so that could change.


  • Twisted Pixel themselves are an organisation in the game. Very meta.
  • There’s a song about statistics on, well, the statistic page. Not quite Donut Song level, but still.

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