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First images of Tom Hardy as Bane in Dark Knight Rises

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If you aren’t as stoked for Dark Knight Rises as I am, then you are probably dead inside. Well, maybe not dead… buy dying. The first teaser images of Tom Hardy as Bane have surfaced.

From the looks of things, Hardy has probably packed on a good 100lbs of muscle. That isn’t to say that he was a scrawny dude to begin with, but you can see in the images that he is now ‘beefcake’ size. Perhaps he spent his time with Christian Bale spotting, or maybe vice versa.

Bane, the Batman super villian, was originally created as a dark mirror image of Doc Savage (from early pulp magazines and book series), but truly found his nitch within the Batman metaverse. Bane was originally a prisoner in a Caribean detention facility. During his many years of incarceration, bane developed his brain and body into something to be feared. Eventually rulling the prison as a king (of sorts).

Eventually Bane was volenteered to be the test subject for the Venom drug, by an unknown (but assumed to be Dr Hugo Strange) doctor. The drug increases his strength significantly. But in order for the strength to stay, he must take the drug every 12 hours. Think of him like a medicated Hulk, minus the radiation. He isn’t a mindless brute, but a cunning and intelligent foe.

It will be interesting to see how much of that is actually brought into this newest Batman film from Christopher Nolan. But considering how excellent of an actor Tom Hardy is, and how good this teaser image looks… Well, I am stoked.

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