First GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Trailer

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Some people were happy with GTA IV where as others had issues with it compared to the previous games. However the game remains strong and today we get our first look at the second expansion for the game, The Ballad Of Gay Tony. The Lost and the Damned packed a lot of stuff in but this looks to pack even more with new vehicles, new characters, the parachute from San Andreas and most importantly, THE GOLF CART. One imagines that the DLC will be 1600MS points like The Lost and The Damned and it’s also on the Episodes From Liberty City disc that will cost $40 and also includes the first expansion. Both the disc and the expansion are out on October 29th. Finally we have our first new song from Eric Prydz. Whether Bearforce One will be making an appearance has yet to be confirmed.

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