First Glimpse of Thor, Odin, and Loki

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Left, Thor. Right, Loki. Middle, Odin. Is it just me or is the armor more power-rangery than green goblin's in Spiderman?

The first image from the upcoming Thor movie has been released, and boy is it something. Besides the fact that the actors all look like giant action figures in plastic armor, the costumes look pretty cool. I think in some respects they’re a little over designed, but hey it’s comic books.

I’m sold on Chris Hemsworth as Thor, but Tom Hiddleson as Loki I’m not so sure of. I know the wonders of dramatic lighting and effect can make you villain go from average looking to amazing, but right now Loki doesn’t seem confident, comfortable, or fun. As for Anthony Hopkins as Odin, well let’s just say the super glued eye patch is a little weird. Well let’s say a little more, as of right now I hate it. Anthony Hopkins looks like a one eyed Santa Claus. I was expecting less of that, and more of well…

NOW THIS! Is an Odin I can pray to!Despite the weird look so far Thor should be awesome; I mean it’s directed by Kenneth Branaugh for Odin’s sake. By the way if you do not understand the awesome of Branaugh, and understand why he will get Thor right, follow the link in the notes, and there you go. Thor will be in theaters in May 2011, in 3-D. be prepared for more news, and a trailer coming out of next week when Comic con 2010 kicks off.


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