Alan Smithee

First Bitcoin, Then Dogecoin, Now Coinye

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Yes you read that right, a digital currency named after the famous rapper/producer Kanye West.

What many people originally thought was just another joke currency like Dogecoin took a step closer to being real after Mr. West’s lawyers issued cease-and-desist orders against the anonymous programmers who created the currency.

In reaction to the lawyers doing what they do best, the group decided to change the release date of the cryptocurrency to yesterday instead of their planned date of January 11. Also in response they changed the likeness on the coin from just a stylized image of Kanye to that of a fish version of Mr. West.

They said in a statement to the world via their website: “We are being attacked with fishsticks and must launch sooner.” referencing the running gag from an old South Park episode where Kanye didn’t understand the joke people were telling regarding the similarities between the phrase “fish sticks” and “fish dicks”…and now I’ve murdered the joke.


Crom forgive me.

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