Alan Smithee

Firefly Lives On(line)

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Fans of the Whedon created short lived series Firefly can rejoice in knowing that they will be soon be able to traipse around in the ‘verse in their very own ship and have many many adventures on various sci-fi western worlds.


The game, originally given a launch video at SDCC, is being developed by Spark Plug Games in conjunction with rabid Firefly aficionados Quantum Mechanix (who sell some great sci-fi swag on their site). It will be a multi-user roleplaying game that is set in the Firefly universe where you assume the role of the ship captain and hire out a crew to go on escapades.

Luckily for solo players there are more than enough missions where you will not have to have a crew of real players with you. The developer has seen fit to pack the game with many standalone alone missions and sidequests to keep those socially awkward gamers (me) happy. There is planned DLC of course in the future that will expand the ‘verse and missions, but let’s not speculate on that just yet.

The game will be packed to the brim with Reavers, Alliance soldiers, and various other antagonists trying to keep you from your Browncoat dreams of a free ‘verse. While not available when the game comes out, the developer is planning on letting the player choose whether to support the Browncoats or the Alliance in the future. The game is set to land this upcoming summer. I personally know 7-8 people that will risk their marriage by the time it comes out.

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