Alan Smithee

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fixes One Thing From its Predecessor

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If you’ve played Final Fantasy as long as most of us old hands here at WPR then you know of the elements of an RPG that define the very nature of the game. These include: areas to explore, battles to be fought, cutscenes, long sweeping storylines that take days to finish, and of course cities filled with NPCs to mess around with.

In my opnion, Final Fantasy XIII missed out on about 3 out of the 5 I listed…you take your pick of at least 2 of them, but the one that I harped on the most was that there was no exploration of towns to be had in the game…ever. It was essentially you hopping from one long corridor to the next, fighting enemies that generally didn’t put up much of a fight, rinsing, and repeating. There wasn’t a ton of payoff for the time and money invested in this game.

At least it seems that Square Enix is trying to do right by the fans by including at least one town for people explore that has honest to goodness NPCs that you can interact with. Just look at all of the people with ellipses over their heads denoting that they’re waiting to talk to YOU! I still have very little hope for XIII-2, but I have been known to get surprised now and again. I think I’m one of the few vehemently staunch defenders of Final Fantasy X-2 (especially the opening number!).

For now, I’m adopting the good ol’ Wait and See methodology. They now need to fix the rest of the game to make it a must have for me. Expect to see the game hit sometime in Q1 of 2012 in North America and Europe, and in Japan before then.

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