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Final Fantasy VII Now With 100% More Unreal Engine

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In a move that is sure to get the attention of Squeenix and a near immediate cease and desist order backed by a gigantic legal department, an up and coming game developer has built an interactive demo of Final Fantasy VII using the Unreal Engine. Get it while you can!

The demo touts free camera control and what I see as a huge improvement over the original PlayStation game’s pre-rendered backgrounds…real-time 3D environments. The best bit of the whole demo is that since it’s all in real-time, you don’t have a need for cut scenes and battles involving wash aways to the action with character models 4x as detailed as the in-game representation.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted a remake of Final Fantasy VII for quite some time now, but the original is still quite good. Not as good as Final Fantasy VIII, but hey…I’m weird like that. Gunblades fo’ evah!

I’ve included a video of the game in action as well as a link below for you to check it out for yourself if you hurry. The game is bound to be yanked as soon as Square Enix catches wind of this.

FF7 Remake for Windows

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