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Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Trailer

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It was only a matter of time before the newest trailer for Square Enix’s follow up to Final Fantasy XIII would get a new trailer, and today is that day. I guess I’ll never learn my lesson when it comes to Final Fantasy games.

I did not like the last two games in the Final Fantasy series (XII and XIII) mainly because of the battle system. Call me a purist, but I like my FF games to have the strict menu based active time battles that I grew up with. I’m talking the systems where I controlled each character’s actions. Final Fantasy XII took that away, and XIII tried to give it back but became a ‘press X to win button masher’ that I didn’t enjoy.

I am probably never going to quit buying these games because it’s ingrained in me to do so…much like how an abused wife returns to their man each time. I’ll never learn. At least the games are pretty to look at.

The release date is still TBD (to be determined) but I would wager it’d be sometime 2012 before we can even think about owning this in the US or UK.

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