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Final Fantasy Type-0 – Trailer

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Hmmm, I’m not sure how many games have arrived on the PSP that have actually spanned two UMDs, but say hello to the first Final Fantasy game that I truly desire to get for my PSP Go…yes I own a PSP Go.

This latest five minute trailer shows me that Square Enix has been busy making a Final Fantasy that I actually want to play with a battle system that looks more akin to something from the ages of Parasite Eve instead of the button mashing crap we got with Final Fantasy XIII (sorry, I still hate this game).

It looks like Japan will be getting their hands on this game in October on the 13th with no firm date for a western release. Considering the track record with Squeenix and their PSP FF games, we’ll eventually get it, but it’ll probably be closer to the launch of the PS Vita…which would make a great US launch title even though it’s made for the PSP and not the Vita specifically.

Regardless…I want it.

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