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FilmQuest Festival Begins Its Second Season Today

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The FilmQuest Festival, which began last year sponsored by Fantasy Con, starts its second year today. It promises to be bigger and better than the festival last year while showcasing the best of independent genre cinema. After a very solid first year, where they received 500 submissions, this year FilmQuest has jumped to over 1,200 submissions. The Festival will have 266 films this year as they showcase the best of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more.

The Festival promises to be a more accessible festival compared to the Sundance Film Festival which took place in January. Not only are tickets to the movies open to the public they are also the much more reasonable price of $8.00, $6.00 with a student ID, compared to Sundance’s $20. The various celebrities guests that are coming to the event, Daniel Logan (Star Wars: Episode 2, Johnny Lingo), Dameon Clarke (Dragonball Z, Borderlands), and Carlee Baker (The Woman, Femme Fatales) to name a few, will also be much easier to interact with. Unlike Sundance where the talent is ushered on and off the stage or Salt Lake Comic Con where you have to wait in long lines, FilmQuest’s guests will be out and about at the various parties for participants to talk and interact with.

On top of the various different movies there will also be panels and workshops. Two casting directors fro Los Angeles, Amber Horn and Danielle Aufiero, will be hosting workshops for the aspiring actors. Nicole Jolly, one of Hollywood’s most respected talent agents, will be FilmQuest looking for new talent in Utah. There are other workshops with makeup artist Chris Hansen and Clark Schaffer who built the Iron Man suit. Other notable events and parties include a Harry Potter celebreation with the premiere of the documentary Mudbloods that chronicles the real world sport of quidditch and a screening of Back to the Future for its 30th anniversary on June 22nd where audience members are encouraged to dress in their best 80’s attire.

The film festival runs from June 18th to June 27th at the Jordon Commons Megeplex in Sandy, Utah. More information can be found and a link to buy tickets to screenings are on the festival website http://www.filmquestfestival.com/.

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