James Helsby

File this under technology: Dell may start using mushrooms as packing material

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Seriously. It might even be edible too. Well, not really.

Just about anything that is ‘grown’ in an industrial environment, or with function in mind, is probably ill advised to be consumed. Regardless, Dell is testing out the idea of using a combination of cotton-hulls, and mushroom fungus to create a perfectly bio-degradable packaging material. The new cartons, (which are not the boxes, but the stabilizers inside of the boxes) would be created in specific shapes, just like foam is presently.

The advantages to this process are incredible. Perfectly bio-degradable. Grown for a very very low cost (light, water, cotton hulls, mushrooms, and about 5 days wait). And it could potentially be expanded into other area’s if the technology proves to be functional. Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me. Fungus is usually very dense for it’s size, and once dehidrated, the cellular structure can become very rigid.


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