Figure Review: Marvel Universe Savage Frost Giant and Loki

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Welcome to the latest offering from your loving Uncle Stan! This fantastic new offering is a Walmart exclusive. So if you roam the streets, checking all the stores weeping and wailing and gnashing your teeth, complaining at the employees at Target/Toys R Us because they have no idea what you are looking for, well, you’re looking in the wrong place.

The world’s largest comic pack retails at $24.96; for those of you who are keeping score, Galactus STILL retails at $54.99(I thought for sure that the price would have come down by now). The Frost Giant stands at 12.5 inches tall, Galactus is 19 inches tall. Yep apparently that extra 6.5 inches is worth 30 dollars. Just as a side note, for comparisons, most of the Marvel Select figures are $19.99 and they are 7 inches.

Let’s start with the Loki action figure. I’m really excited to get this figure, and I’m glad they didn’t drop a movie version of Loki in the box. Loki’s body is what I think of as the “Hasbro Marvel Small Body” it is the same body used on Black Spider-Man Costume, Archangel, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Electro, and Silver Surfer. It has the same articulation, nothing new here. On top of same old Work-a-day body is a new head sculpt. I think one of the perks of recycling bodies, Hasbro can put more time and money into Head sculpts, and this one really shows it.

PAINT: 100%

Loki’s paint is also well done. He has a dark green wash over a lighter green body, it also has the fantastic painted on scale detail, I have no idea how they painted on those scales but the look great. Again the head is where it really shines- he has some lighter dry brushing on his face to accentuate skin tones. Also his eyes are fantastic, each eye has a well defined white, iris and pupil. Each tooth is also individually painted. They are such fantastic little details that I have never seen before on figures of this scale.

In case you all are wondering, yes Loki does look totally bitchin facing off against the previously released Thor figure.

I also think it should be noted that this is the only comic book version of Loki that Hasbro has produced so far. A movie version that was released in March.

Now on to the reason you bought this, this big blue beast. When I opened it up I thought for sure that Hasbro had read my Galactus review, everything that I hated about Galactus has been fixed in this figure. The Frost Giant is a brand new sculpt, no recycled parts from some of the other previously released figures. He looks fantastic! The fur detail is wonderful, as is the damage and weathering sculpted into the chest plate. I particularly love the head sculpt; he looks stupid and ready to eat Asgardians. The helmet is beautiful, the horns have some nice grain work sculpted in, the bone of the skull looks like a fresh kill.

On to articulation. He has a ball jointed- head, shoulders, and hips. He has swivel- biceps, elbows, forearms, wrist (in and out), abs, waist, knees, and ankles. He does have ratcheting joints- elbows, abs, knees, and ankles. I know a lot of people hate them, but it is necessary to support all that weight, and he is a very heavy figure. One of my favorite features is that on his left hand he has a swivel joint on his knuckles, each finger can move separately, leaving a semi-poseable hand.

Frost Giant
SCULPT: 100%

Paint is where this figure really shines. The fur has been dry brushed with a lighter brown, then dry brushed with metallic white. His chest plate has been dry brushed with metallic gray, because it is cast in brown this adds to the appearance that it is rusted and aged. All of his skin and muscles have been airbrushed to ad layered skin tones. Again the helmet is really excellent, it has two washes of a light brown, a dark brown, and has been dry brushed with white. Then the rings are painted copper.

This is really an excellent complete package and looks amazing, and would make a great addition to any collection.


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