Fighting Fantasy Books Heading to iPhone / iTouch This Year

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My iPhone has become a great way to waste time at work  and it’s about to become a whole lot better when the Fighting Fantasy Books are released on the platform at the end of the year starting with the original book The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

For those of you that don’t remember the Fighting Fantasy books are split down into small sections and at the end of each section you either had to roll a dice or choose a page so they could continue their quest.  If you made the wrong choice and went to the wrong page, it normally ended in the death or character or putting you into a situation you couldn’t hope to get out of.

This is a pretty cool idea and the iPhone / iTouch is a great platform to release them on,  these’ll keep my occupied on my daily commute to work.   I wonder if any other Choose Your Own Adventure titles will make their way over to the platform is this release is a success.?

Source: VG247

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