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Fight to the Death! Megadeth vs Metallica

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We get into some crazy shenanigans in our IRC room, sometimes to the point of hurting someone else’s feelings. We figured that the heated discussion we were having in the channel needs to be aired out in public and let the people decide after reading everyone’s opinions on the matter.

The Megadethicans


There are some people that ruined my enjoyment of Metallica, mainly those with mullets and the hundreds of Utah mormons that used to show up at school wearing the band’s various t-shirts. Let’s not also forget that whenever you go to ANY rock concert, you will see anywhere from 20-30 douchebags wearing their Metallica shirts. While this in no way reflects on the bands music, it does act as comment to the quality of their fans.

It’s true that I don’t hate Metallica, mainly because they’ve contributed a few great songs to the halls of metal, but I don’t love them either. I see Metallica as the pop stars of metal. Let me explain…if you were to get a Britney Spears album, would every song on the album be good? Probably not, you’d listen to a few of the singles and the rest would remain filler on a whole-ly mediocre attempt at music. But if you were to get a Kylie Minogue album, I bet you’d listen to the whole thing and not find one bad track.

I think Metallica works in much the same way, you get their albums for the singles you hear, not for the whole album which is the biggest difference between them and my heroes in this fight, Megadeth.

Dave Mustaine may have been kicked out of Metallica at the band’s early stages of becoming the giant they are to this day, but I can only imagine the power that Metallica could have had if Mustaine wasn’t such a douche. One only needs to listen to Youthanasia or Countdown to Extinction from the 1990s or even Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying from the 1980s to hear that the man is so much more talented than anyone from Metallica could ever be.


Even though I have not heard all that much from either band, I will go with Megadeth.

For me, Metallica was always just “that band that play some metal and have songs thrown between every other one on the music channels” and I never really got into them. My first introduction to metal was Iron Maiden and from there I found a few Megadeth songs that I liked a lot.

Recently, I have actually. listened to a couple of albums from each band and even played a bunch of songs in Rock Band (Peace Sells album and 4 metallica tracks) and after that, I would still go with Megadeth just because of the fast, over the top drumming and crazy guitar work coupled with the bluesy song structure. Also, Megadeth did a song called Gears of War inspired by the game and it is amazing.


In all honesty, I have always thought that Megadeth and Metallica were like two siblings who drifted apart when puberty set in.

Megadeth is the older brother who while staying true to his roots and is highly political and controversial in the messages he speaks on, while metallica seems like the younger brother who tries to emulate his older brother. They’re alike in a lot of ways but have their own message.

I just think that Metallica can’t quite acheive his older brothers greatness.


Without a doubt, Megadeth is better than Metallica. Look at the facts:

    1) Megadeth never cut their hair.
    2) Metallica is a staunch supporter of DRM and vehemently opposes Peer-2-Peer.
    3) Megadeth didn’t turn down Guitar Hero before it became popular, unlike Metallica who jumped on the bandwagon with Guitar Hero 3.
    4) Hangar 18 and Symphony of Destruction are two of the greatest thrash songs ever written.
    5) Megadeth doesn’t have the same haircut as my dad.

I think the evidence points out an obvious solution to this debate.

Well shit, it looks like Megadeth is going to run away with this one, aren’t there any Metallica supporters out there?

The Metallicrats


A debate raged on for years by metal heads of multiple generations; Who is better, Megadeth or Metallica? Both have their armies. One went the crystal pepsi route and sucked, while the other continued to make mediocre metal. You could not compare these two metal titans with their work nowadays, but who was better in their prime? Well ladies (Do they even read this site?) and gentleman, Cap’n Canada is on Team METALLICA!

Metallica sounds, looks and plays better then Megadeth. If we exclude everything after the Black Album, Metallica was the greatest Metal band on earth. Lyrically they are worlds ahead of Mustaine. What some examples? “One” and “The Unforgiven”. The riffs and sound, Metallica takes that by a mile. Although Megadeth is decent at playing and have some pretty sweet solos, Metallica is the golde n child of solos. You trying not throwing the horns and moshing to Metal Militia or being amazed at the sound of Anathesia. Want the best album of the past 30 years? Kill Em All plain and simple.

But Vlambo, HANGAR 18!?! some of you may ask. Hangar 18? Good but not as great as The Unforgiven. Killing is my Business¦ And Business is Good, I take that and raise you …And Justice for All. These bands are very similar, but Metallica is better. Now to go listen to Ride the Lightning!


There are several reason why Metallica is better than Megadeth.

    1) They look tougher. I’m sorry but Dave Mustaine looks too close to the Hair-metal bands for me to take seriously.
    2) They recorded Whiskey in a Jar.
    3) Cliff Burton died for that band. He deserves your undying worship.
    4) James Hetfield is a better singer than Dave Mustaine.

But in all seriousness, I think you are all idiots. There is only one true metal band in the world….PANTERA. Any others are fakes, hacks and hanger-ons. But since this is a debate between Metallica and Megadeth I will give my opinion on it.

I’m a Metallica fan. I support the music they make, well at least anything before Fuel. But so far this arguement has been half about the music and half about the bands themselves. What they wear, how they look etc. I’m going to focus on the music and there is no comparison, Metallica writes better music. Their music is still being played today, how many times a day do you hear anything by Megadeth? Remember that whole blow up over Napster and Four-Leaf Clover? It wasn’t Megadeth that fans wanted so badly they were willing to risk prosecution.

Look, as far as music goes, Metallica is a lot easier for the mass media to swallow than the straight metal that Megadeth’s music is. Is this a good or bad decision? Depends on your view. If you are a hardcore metal fan, probably not. But if you are trying to get rich, it’s genuis. And that alone, to me, makes them a better band. Not only do they make incredible songs like, Welcome Home, Orion, Battery, The Thing That Should not Be, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade To Black, The Call of Ktulu, …And Justice for All, One, Harvester of Sorrow, Enter Sandman, Whiskey in a Jar, Turn the Page, Sad but True, The Unforgiven, Wherever I May Roam, Nothing Else Matter and Of Wolf and Man, but they have made their music accessible to everyone. Ask the average rock fan to name some Megadeth songs and see what you get.

And we’ll just forget they ever made Fuel, Refueled, and St. Anger alright?


If you ask any level headed person, they will tell you that Metallica has had a much more profound effect on the music scene than Megadeth, therefore making Metallica a better band.

First off, everyone knows that Dave Mustaine is the “Little Metallica Member That Couldn’t”. Mustaine only formed Megadeth after he got kicked out of Metallica for being a douchebag. And did you see Mustaine on Some Kind of Monster? After watching it I knew why Some Kind of Monster was Not Rated, because Mustaine’s vagina was showing. Talk about a crybaby bitch.

As far as the music goes, yes, Metallica’s music today has not been what many would consider great. However, I believe that it is no question that Metallica’s overall influence on the metal scene is bar almost none.

That’s quite enough, I think we’ve made our speaking points clear. What do you wonderful people out there think? Who is the winner in your eyes Metallica or Megadeth?

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