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Fictionauts – Comic Review

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Reading is serious business.

If you’re a member of Fictionauts, truer words have never been said. You see, the Fictionauts are a special task force with the sole duty of restoring fiction to its original form. These aren’t any normal restorative efforts…they actually get into the story and fix it hands on. Confused? Think Super Why?, but for a muuuuch older audience.

Fictionauts features an art style harkens back to the earlier days of pulp and Silver Age comics, with the kind of writing that makes you wonder if the creators had some sort of chemical-based inspiration. While I won’t give anything away, let’s just say you’ll never see more heroic mail-order brine shrimp in your life.

If I had one complaint about Fictionauts, it would be the anachronism. Yes, I know that it’s a lot to ask of a retro-futuristic story to keep with the time period’s vernacular, but the sudden slang changes just in the “real world” proved to be a bit jarring. In the literary worlds, a change in dialog is understandable (it would be absolutely silly to expect consistency when a story jumps from the stories of Herman Melville to Charles Dickens), and these areas are where the story shows its strengths.

All in all, Studio 407’s Fictionauts makes for an entertaining, if flawed graphic novel. However, would only recommend this love letter to literature if you paid attention in high school English class.

Judge for yourself: AMAZON

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