Alan Smithee

Ferrari Says NO to Electric Engines

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FerrariceoLuca di Montezemolo (the chairman of Ferrari) has been quoted as saying “we will never manufacture an electric car as long as I’m chairman”. Time to get a new chairman.

The decision from Ferrari to stay fossil fueled isn’t a great one in my mind as they’re unabashedly trying make their cars seem more manly by not allowing an all-electric concept to be made.

This isn’t to say that the company plans on remaining completely fossil fuel based as their 963 horsepower LaFerrari model is actually a hybrid.

None of this truly matters as I don’t ever see myself with enough disposable income to be able to purchase something as lofty as one of their machines. The Audi e-tron Quattro would more than likely by MY first choice anyways.

I’m forever VW.


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