Fear Itself Was Epic

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So I just picked up Fear Itself #7 today and was really curious how the storyline was going to wrap up in one issue. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Marvel’s event of the year was spectacular.

Great writing, fabulous artwork the entire seven issue run was excellent. If your even remotely a fan of the Marvel universe and you haven’t been reading it’s time to jump in while you can still find these issues (some are on second and third printings).

The battle scenes are incredible, especially those with the Avengers outfitted with Asgardian weapons. After six issues of all the Marvel heroes getting beat down left and right it was very fun finally seeing them come back with a vengeance. The story wraps up but leaves a lot of questions and if you haven’t read Fear Itself yet its best that you stop right here…okay, so is Thor really dead? I really doubt it; how exactly did Hulk and Banner get ripped asunder? How will these events change Cap, did wielding Thor’s hammer change him? And finally, how much of this aftermath will show up in the ongoing titles and will this play into next year’s Phoenix event? Most of those answers we will have to wait to find out.


So, I loved this series and issue seven was as fine a capstone as I could expect. Anyone else follow this from month to month? Reactions?


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