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Fate/Stay Night Vol. 1: Legendary Heroes of the Holy Grail War

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Tragedy is a strong inspiration sometimes. It definitely is for Shiro Emiya in Fate/Stay Night Volume 1.

Fate/Stay Night Volume 1 cover

Fate/Stay Night Volume 1 cover

Writer: Datto Nishiwaki
Publisher: Original Type-Moon, American release by Tokyopop
Digital editions: VIZ Media

After a fire destroyed his home and family, Shiro Emiya’s one true desire in life is to be a hero: a person who protects those who can not defend themselves, like the man who saved him that terrible night. Since he’s an average teenage school boy that opportunity doesn’t come by often. He settled on helping his fellow students with small jobs or tasks and being an overall good guy. Until the day he witnesses two strange men fighting one night. As one sets his sights on Shiro, he is saved by a strong young woman in equally strange clothing. She is his Servant, the soul of a legendary hero, and he is her Master. Together they must participate in the Holy Grail War.

My inner mythology nerd was excited about the servants being reincarnation of legendary heroes. It’s fun to see what kind of fighting style and character they paired with each hero. Then it was really fun to see them then try to kill each other. The fight scenes were exhilaration but still smooth enough to follow, which I always appreciate. The first volume is mostly explanation of the war and the Holy Grail, but was peppered with just enough violence to keep my attention. The last scene will surly make you itching for volume two, prepare to become invested in another manga, friends.

Thorough explanation of events and surrounding, don’t make you feel like you missed something from the previous titles. Good balance of interesting storyline and action that I hope continues in the following volumes. A fantastic addition to the ever holy trinity, Manga, Anime, and Game; Fate/Stay Night is a great read for long time fans or those completely new to the title.


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