Alan Smithee

Fast Five Slaughters the Box Office

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Who would have thought that the fifth movie in The Fast and the Furious saga would do so well?

Besides guys like me who were connoisseurs of all things Vin Diesel and Paul Walker involving fast cars and lots of vroom noises, I didn’t think that Fast Five would have killed the way it did this past weekend at the box office.

For starters, the movie grossed $83.6 million in debut domestic sales according to studio estimates for just this weekend. Abroad, Fast Five brought in another $81.4 million…making the opening weekend for the movie a huge success for Universal Picture at $165 million.

To put this into perspective, Rio from Fox has been out for 3 weeks now and it has only grossed $103.6 over the entire span.

For even more comparison, the previous Fast & Furious only brought in $71 million over it’s life in the theaters. Crazy eh?

Considering Thor is coming out here in the states this upcoming weekend on the 6th (released already overseas with a $93 million rake so far) April seems to be the new month of the blockbuster.


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