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Farscape: Scorpius #4 – Review

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Farscape: Scorpius #4 cover by Chad HardinIn my eyes, BOOM! Studios can do no wrong. They’re getting not only books that I want to read, but they’re starting to replace some of the more well known books in my hold that I keep at my local comic store, and that is an amazing feat.

Not only do they get all of the Amory Wars comics, but they have been running not one, but two comics based in the Farscape universe (my favorite long running sci-fi show)…so it was no question to me that I should replace a few of the ‘meh’ titles from some of the other large comic book publishers out there.

The series in question, Farscape: Scorpius follows what happened to everyone’s favorite Scarran/Sebacean hybrid after the events of The Peacekeeper Wars in which an accord was struck between to two races, no thanks to John Crichton.

Scorpius up to this point has been using his cunning to score favor with the Kkore, a race of beings who have been living in grey-space who have biding their time before appearing in the uncharted territories in an effort to conquer both the Scarrans and the Sebaceans.

His hopes, have been that Kkore would finally be the allies he needs to allow him to finally exact revenge against the beings responsible for who he is, the Scarrans.

In this latest issue, without giving too much away…Scorpius continues to study his new overlords and is en route to the Scarran homeworld with an entire Kkore armada, when something goes awry, and of course we’re left with a serious cliffhanger at the end, one that will hopefully keep you coming back for more.

This book is more than likely meant for all of the fans of Farscape and those who are familiar with the character portrayed by Wayne Pygram from the television show, but it does a great job of catching you up to the story up until this point. That is something that you can attribute to the series creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon, who has been penning the Farscape comics for BOOM! Studios.

The artwork for the book itself is done by Gordon Purcell, who if you’re a fan of extended sci-fi comic series, you should know already. But there are those of you who might not know from his work on Star Trek or so many other francises that like to use his photo-realistic style.

The cover, is drawn by fellow Utahn and sometimes WPR Forum contributor, Chad Hardin who always does such a great job bringing out the sinister side of Scorpius. The guy is obviously passionate about his art.

I really can’t suggest this book enough to the fans of the series, but new fans also might want to give it a glance before deciding.

Bottom Line: $3.99 / $3.99

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