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Farscape #22 – Mini Review

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I can’t quit this comic series, no matter how annoyed I get with some of the artwork and the fact that Rockne S. O’Bannon can’t let dead characters remain dead.

Ok well, we don’t exactly get a character brought back from death this issue, but we certainly hear a whole bunch about our dear departed Delvian, Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan and how she is descended from the original Kkore leader who settled on Delvia. This isn’t so much of a bad thing considering I found Virginia Hey one of the finer members of the cast on the television series, I just had no idea how gut wrenching it is as a fan of the series to remember her death.

Anyways, this issue is mainly setting things up for the final battle that I’m sure will begin in issue 23 and will conclude at the end of #24, call me crazy but they need to wrap up this arc before the next trade paperback comes out.

Essentially, there’s a weapon that could potentially send the Kkore packing and it’s akin to using the Force except instead of being midichlorian based, it’s all about people and their faith…and apparently we’ll see the Eidolons return and much more Stark as he helps the various people of faith (even those like me who see faith only in science) charge the ‘Dej-Wah” to fight the Kkore who are slowly creeping into the Falaman system to wipe out the last of the Uncharted Territories’ resistance once and for all.

I love this comic series, and I rarely have anything harsh to say about it, yet…please quit making John and Aeryn’s spawn Deke act like a retard every issue with his interjections. It makes it hard for me to feel the tension when he’s shouting out “eema” every other page.

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